To make the check-in process as easy and flexible as possible for you, a self-check-in machine is available for you in the Kaiserstraße entrance area - around the clock!

Brief instructions for Self-Check-IN:

  1. 1. select language
  2. 2. scan ID card or enter reservation number
  3. 3. pay by card or smartphone
  4. 4. generate and receive key cards

1. scan your ID card or Title
enter your reservation number

Hold the back of the badge against the glass window and press
Start Scanner:

Alternatively, you can check in using your six-digit reservation number.
If you have booked via a booking portal (, expedia or HRS), please ask for it in advance at our reception.

2. Payment with card or SmartPhone

Choose your means of payment.

3. Complete and sign the registration form

Please complete your details for the registration form using the on-screen keyboard.

4. Create your key

In the last step you will receive your room keys.



24 h / 7 days
+49 721 919986